What did your computer learn to do today?


Your computer may not be a HAL9000 artificial intelligence but it does get bored from the daily routine.  With the advancement of technology these days you will unfortunately out live your computer.

There are a lot of creative projects to do with your computer for fun, and you can possibly make some money in the process.  Learning a new computer based hobby is a great entertainment for both you and your computer.  You can work on a new project or skill with your computer on your own time.

There are plenty of open source and inexpensive programs out there that can perform similar tasks as some of the more expensive ones.  There are tons of cool things to do with your computer, just keep in mind you are learning something new as a hobby, so start learning the basics and find your medium.

I have seen more and more web sites popping up that offer Print-On-Demand products.  There is no need to spend a ton of money on manufacturing and inventory of an item when a lot of online companies now handle the entire process: payments, printing, packaging, and shipping. 

These companies have the technology and equipment to easily produce an item they offer and you can set up your own store with them (usually for free) and set your markup price.

  • Start your own apparel line
  • make and sell music
  • create a board game
  • produce digital art
  • submit an invention idea
  • create your own skateboard shop
  • or even write and publish your own book or e-Book

These are just a few examples.  There are many different avenues you can take to turning a creative idea into a little extra cash.

It is time for you to “Entertain your PC”

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Keeping your PC entertained

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