Creating Digital Art with Ultra Fractal 5

Creating more fractals :)

After you have spent some time playing around with Apophysis and seeing what kind of cool fractals you can create, check out a program called Ultra Fractal 5

You can download and tryout the program for free, and it is a lot more advanced than Apophysis.  The GUI and workflow are pretty easy to use.  The only drawback if you have not purchased it, there will be a watermark on the final rendered image.  But it gives you plenty of time to practice, and once you have created and saved a gallery of images, then you can decide if you want to purchase it for a reasonable price, and then render your fractals.  The final render time on this program is much quicker than Apophysis.

I’m still new to this program too, and I am going through the manual, which is one big step by step tutorial, and I am learning new and exciting things to do within Ultra Fractal.  I only purchased the “Creative Edition” for multiple layering, but you can even purchase the Extended Edition for creating fractal animation.  I’ll probably upgrade once I get more
familiar with this program.

There is a program called Electric Sheep which is a collaborated screen saver, while connected to the internet, it is an ever changing screen saver from fractals artists all around the world.

Ultra Fractal is superior to some of the other fractal software out there.  But, also check out this website that has a list of other software used for creating fractals:

I’ll tell you what to do once you have created a work of art in a later article. Until then, keep Entertaining Your PC :)

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