Introduction to Open Office

There is an alternative to Microsoft Office for writing your bestselling novel or just for use at work and school.  Open Office is created by the Apache Software Foundation and is free to download and use.  Within this program you get all the features that are similar to the Microsoft Office bundle:

The Text Document is used similar to Word.  You can even open Word Documents in Open Office, but unfortunately it does not work the other way around.  It has a lot of the same editing features and workflow as Word.

Spreadsheet, is very similar to Microsoft Excel.  You can make charts and graphs from the data you add.

Presentation, is similar to Power Point for doing presentations.  The workflow is very easy to use.

Drawing is more advanced than Paint Brush, but I will tell you about a more elaborate free program used for drawing in a later post.

The Open Office bundle also features Database, and Formula.

In the next few posts I will focus on what to do if you have ever wanted to get into writing and wanted to know what to do with your work to make some money.  I will simply point you in the right direction to get you started, where you take it from there is entirely up to you.

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