Make Money Online Publishing a Book or an eBook

If you were wondering what to do with your written material; publish an eBook.  It doesn’t cost anything to start and anyone can write a book, upload it, and just sit back receiving payments.  These sites do take a small percentage of every sale, but it is a good way to earn money online that you don’t have to worry about manufacturing and shipment costs.

You can publish a book, eBook, photo book, cookbook, poetry book, yearbook, children’s book, or a wedding book through and have the option to sell it on Amazon, Barns and Noble, Nook, and iBook store.  You can even have an actual hard copy with a free ISBN bar code on it, and the book is printed on demand whenever someone orders a copy.  You can choose from an array of books in all sizes and ranging from paperback to hardbound.  Simply download a template for the size of book you want and save your work as a (.pdf) file then upload it to their web site.

As a cover for your book you can choose from many design templates and edit the colors and fonts.  You can even upload your own image you have created for the book.  I will tell you about a free drawing program you can use for creating a book cover in a later article.

Another popular eBook publishing site is  It is also free to set up, and you get the opportunity to publish your eBooks in many different formats for different readers.  You get to set your own price on what you want to sell it for and have the option to sell it in many more online stores that Lulu does not offer.  You can even publish through both sites if you want, because you still keep all the rights to your published work.

I’m currently working on a book for friends and family, about my sea stories from East Asia during my time serving overseas in the military.

*If you have created any art work with some of the computer imaging software I talked about in the previous posts, is also a nice place to create your own yearly calendars to sell on their site.  I’m publishing a fractal image calendar for the next year.

In the next few posts, I will tell you about some more ways to make money online if you have a talent for writing.  Until then keep “Entertaining Your PC”

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